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Is Smartwatch Harmful? Advanced Research-Based Explanation

Introduction – Is Smartwatch Harmful


If you want to buy a smartwatch but you are confused with – is smartwatch harmful? then in this article, I will tell you the researched based studies of smartwatches and also discuss some of the main features of smartwatches and show you how they operate.

Smartwatches are the latest craze in technology. After smart phones, they are now replacing your normal watch. But there are some of them which you should avoid, as they might harm your health.

How Do Smartwatches Operate?

Smartwatches are essentially tiny computers that you may wear on your wrist, to put it simply. They function by connecting to an Android or iOS operating system on a smartphone and syncing with it. Most of them can couple with Bluetooth enabled devices and connect to the internet.

Smartwatches can be used to send and receive messages, access apps, track events and activities, access media, and even monitor your vital signs.

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Health Risks from Smartwatch Radiation:

  1. A headache and nausea

EMF radiations have been linked to reports of people exhibiting symptoms that are frequently seen with radiation exposure. If you wear a smartwatch all the time and have frequent headaches and nausea, radiation exposure may be to blame.

  1. Problems With Sleep, Memory, and Mood

Additionally, several have stated that their use of smartwatches has caused them to have insomnia. This happens frequently with any regular use of technology because it can impair focus and decrease output. The biggest issues arise when users don’t disconnect before going to bed.

There have also been reports of memory impairments and mood swings as a result of sleep disturbances. The blue light emitted by devices like smartwatches, laptops, telephones, televisions, etc. makes it challenging for the brain to switch off after using them.

Try to turn off all gadgets two to three hours before bed if you frequently wake up at night. To give your brain a break, take part in calm hobbies like reading.

  1. Body Dysmorphia

With smart devices, body dysmorphia is a health danger that frequently goes unnoticed. As a result of being continually interrupted by notifications and information available in their hand, there is an increase in the number of people who overeat (or in this case on their wrist).

You are less likely to see everything happening on around you when you are constantly being barraged by notifications and information right at your wrist. Your body may not let you know when it is full if you are eating while seated at a table. Indulging excessively and overeating as a result of this frequently leads to weight gain that isn’t required.

  1. Distractions

Smartwatches take you out of the moment much more than your phone does, despite the fact that being connected may at first appear to be advantageous. While it’s considered impolite to take a phone out of your pocket during a formal dinner or in other instances, a watch is worn on your wrist and enables constant distraction.

One of a smartwatch’s biggest selling features is its connectivity, but it can also have considerable disadvantages. Your genuine human interactions may be seriously affected if you are not present wherever you are.

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What do researches and studies show?

Various researches on the health impacts of the radio-frequency energy emitted by cell phones have been carried out during the past 15 years. RF energy has reportedly been connected to biological alterations by certain researchers, however these findings haven’t been verified. The majority of published studies have been unable to establish a link between radio-frequency exposure from cell phones and health problems.

Why Wearable Technology Is Beneficial?

  • Health And Fitness Partner

Given that these smartwatches are contemporary fitness trackers, one of their primary purposes is to assist in tracking your progress throughout the course of your fitness journey. Because of this, smartwatches typically have functions like:

  • diet and planning
  • pedometers
  • vibration massage
  • sleep monitoring
  • calorie intake and calculator
  • heartbeat sensor
  • sleeping schedule
  • and so on.

These features assist you in tracking your development or even in maintaining diet control. Some even include fitness plans that you can use. When properly applied, these can assist you in developing better dietary and lifestyle habits.

  • Finding your phone

As you are well aware, losing a phone is a really distressing event. Today, the majority of smartwatches have a “Find Phone” feature. It can be connected to your phone or another device so that it can ring whenever you want from your watch.

  • See and respond to texts and phone calls

You won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket if you’re wearing a smartwatch. You’ll be able to answer calls and respond to messages while you’re on the move. This is especially helpful if you’re exercising or in a setting where carrying a phone would be too bothersome.

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  • Entertainment

Play games or listen to music while you’re moving around. The little screen is unmatched in terms of convenience, but it won’t replace your smartphone.

The newest devices, such the Garmin Vivo-active 4, include the ability to store music that can be played wirelessly over Bluetooth headphones.

  • Day-to-Day Companion

Smartwatches are pocket computers in addition to being useful for maintaining your health. In other words, they function just as effectively as current smartphones while also being more convenient. Your smartwatch may be used for a variety of daily activities, depending on the model:

  • Social media
  • Tracking your location
  • Games
  • Constant reminders
  • Keeping track of your schedule

These smartwatches can also connect you to the internet, and some of them may even assist you place or receive calls. Some smartwatches achieve this by connecting over Bluetooth to your phone, while others are standalone units with their own SIM card and mobile functionality.

They can assist you in keeping up with your online life because they are smartphones that are strapped to your wrist. When your schedule is busy and you don’t always have your phone with you, such features can be very useful.

Even features that ensure your safety are included in the majority of these smartwatches. You can do things like independently call the police in an emergency or record your location.

Radiation Protection Advice for Smartwatches

How to defend yourself against a smartwatch’s drawbacks Knowing when and how to use your wristwatch securely is the key to minimizing EMF exposure.

Here are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to safeguarding your health:

  • Leave your watch at home and at social gatherings.

You feel continually distracted when using a smartwatch, which is one of the major health problems. It must be a conscious decision on your behalf if you want to end this cycle and begin to feel present again. Decide that you will solely concentrate on work when you are at work.

Be present at the event and pay close attention to the person you’re speaking to as you enter. Make the decision to stop receiving calls for the time being and to stop using Bluetooth devices to reduce radiation. Win-win situation!

  • Use your smartwatch only when necessary.

You’ll likely be eager to use your smartwatch as much as possible when you first acquire it. In fact, many of these businesses increase sales by highlighting the advantages of utilizing it constantly. Would you want to monitor your waking and sleeping patterns?

Guess what, however! Now that watch you have can do that. However, in order to ensure that you don’t experience as many negative effects from EMF radiation, you should limit how often you wear your watch.

The best time to take a break is while you’re asleep. You won’t be able to charge it, and let’s face it, it’ll probably be lot more comfortable to sleep without something constricting your wrist, so there’s really no purpose for you to track anything in your body at this time.

You may also find it advantageous to use it less at home, when you’re less active, or on weekends. Make sure you only use it when absolutely necessary. Give your body a vacation from it if it isn’t actively accomplishing anything.

  • Avoid relying too much on your watch.

Most of us are undoubtedly somewhat guilty of relying too heavily on the technology that allows us to stay in touch with our loved ones. However, you should unplug if you sense that it is controlling you more than it is assisting you.

Stop using your watch for at least a short while if you find that you are unable to be productive because your life is consumed by scrolling or video games. Practice giving up something for a few hours, then a few days, then a few weeks at a time.

  • Set the airplane mode on your smartwatch.

Placing your phone in airplane mode will allow you to use it without completely turning it off. Every cellular and Bluetooth connection on your watch is turned off when it is in airplane mode.

The main offline features of your watch will still work, but you’ll be reducing radiation to a new low. When you are not in need of any alerts or messaging features, think about switching your watch to airplane mode.

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Conclusion – Is Smartwatch Harmful

There is nothing to worry about, according to some researchers. However, several research on electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation have indicated a detrimental effect. Whereas the FCC is convinced that EMF radiation is not a problem, research that were not supported by big tech support a different outcome.

At the absolute least, we ought to use them “smartly,” that is, less frequently and by fully utilizing the airplane mode function.

Frequently Asked Questions

A smartwatch may help you keep track of a variety of things, like your heart rate, calories burnt, and daily steps taken. The fact that activity monitoring apps show patterns that inspire you to set new goals as you advance encourages many of us to fulfil our daily fitness goals and increase our regular physical activity.

Although there are many health advantages to wearables like Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Garmin Watches, some people may have skin discomfort from them. The majority of the time, these rashes are not harmful, but they may be avoided. Perhaps you got a smartwatch, bracelet, or ring for your birthday.

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