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Are Watches Cheaper in Dubai? Research Based Answer


Are watches cheaper in Dubai? This question has been asked by many, and the answer can be complex. The cost of a watch in Dubai can vary considerably depending on factors such as the quality of the watch, the brand, and the type of store.

In this article, we will explore the various factors that can affect the cost of a watch in Dubai. Also answer are watches cheaper in Dubai or Not and why, so readers can make an informed decision when shopping for watches in the city.

Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East known for its modern amenities, world-class shopping opportunities, and stunning skyline. Shopping in Dubai has become an increasingly popular activity for tourists, and one item that seems to draw in many visitors is the wide variety of watches available.

Are watches cheaper in Dubai?


Yes, watches are cheaper in Dubai. Let’s start with why are watches cheaper in Dubai. As you travel farther into the city, you will see that the pricing without taxes is equivalent to the rest of the world’s costs. So, what is the cause behind the lower price of watches in Dubai?

These premium timepieces may be purchased for much less from some of Dubai’s illegal watch stores. As much as 25% of the time. This is due to the fact that they purchase the timepieces in bulk from a wholesaler. Retailers may offer their luxury timepieces for cheaper because of the city’s great demand and affluence.

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This explains why Dubai is an exception and is able to offer these large luxury things for less than cities or nations in the rest of the globe, where people have less money to spend and consequently also have a lesser demand for these sorts of items.

So, Dubai has lower prices for watches. You need to go to the correct places for a cheap watch; you can’t just buy one anywhere. Take a look at another highly intriguing location to purchase watches.

Dubai also has a number of excellent watch retailers, however Switzerland may be more intriguing. You might make a lovely story by purchasing your watch from Dubai in addition to its expensive status.

Are watches cheaper in Dubai Airport?


When it comes to the cheapest country to buy expensive timepieces, Dubai’s airport is frequently mentioned. Some nations provide no VAT at their airports since the taxman considers them to be exporters; this is also the situation in Dubai.

As a result, if you purchase your watch at Dubai International Airport, you will not be charged VAT. Although everything is cheaper in Dubai and at the airport, you may incur additional fees upon returning home. These prices vary by country, so do your homework before purchasing a VAT and Duty-Free luxury watch at Dubai International Airport.

The result is that whether you may obtain a cheaper watch at Dubai’s airport depends on your nation. Make sure to conduct your homework, and you may be able to reduce the price slightly by politely haggling with the retailers.

Where Can I buy Luxury Watches in Dubai?


It truly depends on where you get your new luxury watch, even though watches are slightly cheaper in Dubai. Dubai is renowned for its lavish malls that have attractive watch stores where expensive watches are sold.

The large malls in Dubai can be a fantastic spot to purchase a pricey watch. Let’s find out where the finest locations are to purchase watches, taking into account cost, experience, and service:

  • Dubai Shopping Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the city’s most well-known shopping centers. This mall has about 1200 shop stores with a diverse assortment of branded merchandise.

Due to the great number of visitors each year, as well as the high budgets of those who buy there, luxury watch discounts are not unusual, providing the chance to offer their products at somewhat lower costs.

  • Official Retailers

Because of the high-profile tourists and residents, Dubai has a variety of brand stores and official merchants. These are normally very universally matched pricing, so you are unlikely to get a bargain here.

  • 360 timepiece

Timepiece 360 is a pre-owned luxury watch retailer in the UAE and around the region. They will not let you down when it comes to purchasing your new luxury watch because of their skilled personnel and amazing service.

  • Third-Parties

Purchasing watches from other merchants is not a problem if you choose a reliable vendor, and you may frequently get a decent offer. With that stated, make sure you do your homework and receive all of the warranties and assurances that a brand shop would provide.

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  • Resale Shops

There is no doubt that this is the cheapest choice, but it is not the greatest and may cost you more in the long term. You are unlikely to be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty on your watch, so make sure you ask all of the pertinent questions before making your purchase.

  • Royal watches

Royal watches is another well-known watch vendor in Dubai. They provide the best deals on big brands including Breitling, Oris, and Hublot. The company deals in genuine high-end luxury products at reasonable pricing.

Factors Influencing the Price of Your Watch in Dubai:

  • Low/No VAT

As we mentioned briefly before, buying in the Dubai airport will exempt you from Value Added Tax (VAT), which can considerably lower the cost of your timepiece.

However, this does not imply that the overall cost will be less expensive because you might have to pay more for things like foreign payment costs or customs when you get home.

Outside of the airport, Dubai’s VAT rate is still quite low (about 5%) in comparison to other nations, particularly Europe, where it is typically 20% or higher.

  • Exchange rates and currency

You must account for the effects of the exchange rate and local currency when estimating your costs, just as you would with any travel to a foreign country or location. You must choose a moment when your currency is performing well relative to the dirham, the currency of the United Arab Emirates.

Although it has been relatively constant in comparison to many other currencies for a while, the specifics between your home and Dubai may have a significant impact on your price. Despite the fact that luxury companies tend to keep their costs fairly consistent throughout markets, you might be able to catch a deal depending on where you are from.

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  • GDP and Inflation

In line with the above statement, the local and worldwide economies will have an impact on the final amount you pay. As a general rule, luxury items don’t typically vary in price in response to little changes in the economy or inflation.

This occurs frequently because customers who are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury item or watch are probably not too interested in the minute adjustments and will still want to get a watch. In light of this, being aware of system flux may allow you to make adjustments, lower trip-related out-of-pocket expenses, and lower your final bill.

  • Cost of travel and hotel

Going to Dubai just to save money on your expensive watch is not a wise idea because there are so many other expenses you need to consider. Although it may seem quite elementary, people frequently forget to account for it when calculating their expenses.

While visiting the UAE, you will need to consider how much your flights, lodging, and meals will cost. The neighborhood is not known for being affordable—quite the reverse, in fact!

There is a stronger case for purchasing one while you are there if you are already planned a trip or are traveling there for business.


Let’s get to the end. Although there are many different factors that influence the price of your new watch, it is true that watches are cheaper in Dubai. Currency exchange rates, buying locations, duty rates, and VAT rates must all be considered.

Due to all of these considerations, purchasing watches from Dubai won’t actually be significantly less expensive than doing it domestically. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend traveling to Dubai to get your first luxury watch.

Nevertheless, based on the nation you live in, it ought to be a little less expensive. Before purchasing a watch from another nation, check the import taxes and VAT in your own. We really hope this article has helped you making an informed decision to buy your next watch in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antonio Calce, CEO of watchmakers Greubel Forsey, says, “Dubai is the place to be for the watch business.” There are a lot of collectors and enthusiasts; this city is the region’s sole leader.

Absolutely! The gold souk in Dubai is a great place to start if you want to buy gold jewellery. It has a row of gold shops selling a wide range of designs and styles.

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