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10 Best Smartwatches Under 7000 in India (Research Based)


If you are looking for best smartwatches under 7000 then you are in right place. We have researched and include 10 best smartwatches in this category. The smartwatch is one of the popular gadgets that everyone wants to own.


Smartwatches with specs similar to your smartphone can be expensive, but you don’t have to pay lakhs of rupees for a smartwatch if you want one. In this article we’re going to look at some of the best smartwatches under 7000 and where you can get them today.

4 Things to Consider: Smartwatch Buying Guide

While buying smartwatch you need to consider few important if you don’t want to regret later:

  • Battery life

When buying, pay close attention to the battery life rating. The most durable hybrid smartwatches typically lack touchscreens and have more of an analogue watch appearance.

  • Compatibility

Never purchase a smartwatch before making sure it is compatible with your smartphone. For instance, Apple Watches are compatible with the finest iPhones alone.

  • Features of fitness:

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, get a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS (to track your runs) and take a close look to every sport mode the smartwatch offer.

  • Replaceable watch bands:

Verify that the clasp or buckle on the watch band is simple to use and simple to change. Additionally, check to see whether you can obtain replacement bands with ease.

10 Best Smartwatches under 7000 are listed below:

1. Amazfit GTS2 Mini


The 1.55 Always-on AMOLED Display on the Amazfit GTS2 Mini features a 314 PPI Resolution for crisp visuals and fine details. You may choose from a broad number of watch face themes to keep your look current, and because they feature a personalized Always-on Display, you can access the interface of your choice wherever and whenever you choose.

To complement your mood and attire, the Amazfit GTS 2 tiny new Version comes with over 80 different watch faces. Alternatively, you may upload your own photographs for a more unique watch face. Additionally, it enables dynamic watch faces, which add a fresh perspective to every glance at your watch.

After participating in arduous physical or mental work, hold your arm steady and measure your SpO2 level to better understand your health. The GTS 2 mini may also be used to assess your own level of stress (relaxed, normal, medium, or high) and provide advice on how to lower it.

The GTS 2 mini’s updated version offers the sector’s most thorough surveillance of heart health, as well as alerts for unusually high resting heart rates.

The watch enables in-depth sleep monitoring, which can identify naps longer than 20 minutes and discriminate between light, deep, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stages. It can also track sleep breathing state and provide analysis and ideas for improvement.

A totally enhanced battery management system for the Amazfit GTS 2 tiny new edition offers up to 14 days of usual battery life, or 7 days under intensive usage. Keep the energy flowing and eliminate the worry brought on by continual charging.



2. Amazfit Zepp E


Amazfit Zepp E holds 2th position in our list of best smartwatches under 7000. The immaculate unibody of the Amazfit Zepp E makes each light and shadow beam flow subtly across the 3D watch display.

With dozens of always-on patterns available, the watch can always show the time and date on the screen. You have the ability to choose how the information on your display is displayed thanks to the two watch faces that include configurable modules.

The Amazfit Zepp E’s Personal Activity Intelligence combines complex data on heart rate and activities into a single statistic. You may use the simple score to easily understand your physical condition.

You may start a matched professional exercise mode for any of the 11 sports supported, whether it be daily walking, running, cycling, or any other sport, so that you can always be aware of your progress, change the intensity of your training, and feel accomplished after every workout.

Additionally, it provides comprehensive fitness monitoring features including active hours and sedentary reminders to encourage you to lead an active lifestyle.

A single full charge of the Amazfit Zepp E lasts for up to 7 days, relieving you of the need to recharge it every day. A fully charged Amazfit Zepp E can capture all of your body’s data while you go about your everyday activities, engage in physical activity, work, or sleep at night, and deliver the outcomes of its digital analysis without pausing.



3. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha


With the ease of voice calling on your Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Alpha smartwatch, always make the correct call. Take calls, look up current contacts, and save preferred contacts. On your wrist, enjoy more than 80 tunes of musical inspiration.

Simply link your smartwatch with your Bluetooth earphones to listen to music without a smartphone. Take a clear look at everything that matters on a display that is bright and clear, even in the hot sun.

With recent upgrades to your Noise Health Suite, such as a body temperature sensor and 24-hour noise detection, you may now experience more comprehensive and real-time monitoring of your health. While achieving your goals, use GPS tracking to stay connected.

The watch meets the need for precise training stats thanks to its wide range of sports settings. The vibrant Pro 3 Alpha has all the features you require. wherever you go. It can handle splashes and swims for you. You have access to your assistant thanks to Alexa’s built-in features. Ask questions, set reminders, check the weather, and more.



4. Amazfit GTR Titanium


The Amazfit GTR Titanium offers premium features such a better processor with low power consumption, a better circuit design, extremely effective power optimization, and consumption management that will let you use the wristwatch for roughly 24 days before needing to charge it.

The dual crown and bezel made of micro-crystalline zirconium ceramics contribute to the robustness of this timepiece. In order to make viewing as comfortable as possible, the watch sports a 326 PPI AMOLED display with Always-on display technology.

This smartwatch includes a high-precision GPS locating system and is water-resistant up to 50 metres, so you may use it when hiking on your favourite path or swimming. With this wristwatch, you can monitor your fitness progress by choosing from one of 12 sports modes. Pick from a variety of activities, including swimming, skiing, running, and strolling.

A Bio-Tracker is a feature of the Huami Amazfit smartwatch that provides precise 24-hour heart-rate monitoring. Without having to take out your phone, you can count your steps, log your sleep habits, and switch audio tracks.

You can easily get through the day with the large variety of alerts provided by this wristwatch, such as incoming calls and app notifications. You may choose training regimens to aid in achieving your fitness objectives, change the watch face, and access all of your workout logs via the Amazfit app.



5. Titan Smart 2


The next in our list of best smartwatches under 7000 is Titan Smart 2. This Smart Watch is built of aluminium, so it will be your fitness partner for many years. Titan Smart 2 Smartwatch watch is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery that provides up to 7 days of battery life. This makes the watch suitable for daily use. Furthermore, this smartwatch is compatible with Android devices.

SPO2, sleep tracking, women’s health tracking, hydration alerts, and reminders are all included with this watch. There is a multi-sports tracker mode with a 3 ATM water resistant certification for all of your athletic endeavours.

A smart watch shouldn’t be very large because that would ruin your entire appearance. Everyone will notice the Smart Watch’s stylish look since it is so unique.



6. Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro


The wide screen of the realme Smart Watch 2 Pro’s bright, vibrant display enables you to see well even in strong sunshine. Dedicated Sports Modes with 90, Get accurate stats about your daily exercise and fitness routine in real time.

To ensure that you never stop, get exact route information, step tracing, and activity monitoring right at your fingertips. Because every goal counts, a long-lasting 390mAh battery allows you to use your device continuously for up to 2 weeks.

It has a blood oxygen sensor to track your blood oxygen level and continuous heart rate monitoring so you can always be aware of your health. Since this smartwatch has an IP68 water resistance rating, feel free to sweat it out or wash your hands.



7. Realme Smart Watch S


Realme smart Watch S holds 7th position in our list of best smartwatches under 7000. The realme Watch S has a large colour touchscreen that adjusts its brightness to the environment so you can comfortably watch both inside and outside.

The sophisticated sensors in the realme Watch S can accurately record your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, giving you a greater knowledge of your health.

Thanks to its energy-efficient battery, it provides an astonishing 15 days of continuous battery life with just 2 hours of charging. For those of you who enjoy working out, the realme Watch S enables tracking in 16 different sports modes and offers sports assistance, logging, and more.

Since the realme Watch S is rated IP68 water resistant, daily use won’t be a problem. Without having to glance at your phone, you may receive all of your incoming calls and other alerts on your realme Watch S.

Without pulling out your phone, you can switch tracks, play and pause music on your watch. Additionally, you may remotely capture photos on your phone using the watch. It is extremely sturdy and resistant to shattering thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass display.



8. Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max


Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max includes Bluetooth 5.1 capability for convenience. It offers several sports modes (running, walking, and so on), making it an excellent pick. Keep up with everything without missing a beat.

Because of smooth Bluetooth calling, you can virtually use your wrist as a phone, making call management a breeze. The industry-leading display of this smartwatch provides a comprehensive viewing experience with a 4.57cm (1.80″) TFT LCD.

With the comprehensive range of health features, you can maintain a healthy mind and body. The Noise Health Suite provides total well-being by evaluating your heart health and SpO2 levels as well as assisting you in stress management.

You can ask questions, set alarms, check the weather, and more using the Alexa voice assistant that is already integrated into the device. Noise detection entails monitoring your exposure to unwanted sounds and avoiding noisy settings.

Long periods of deep breathing are facilitated by the stress monitor function, which gradually lowers stress levels by relaxing the body. When your sleep is disturbed, sleep monitors can tell. This alerts you to any disturbances, tossing and turning, or nighttime awakenings.



9. HONOR Band 6


The 1.47″ big display on the HONOR Band 6 provides you with a fantastic visual experience and makes it simple for you to use all of its features.

On a single full charge, the HONOR Band 6 has a battery life of up to 14 days. And provides magnetic fast charging to eliminate the need for lengthy recharging times. By charging it for only approximately 10 minutes, you may also benefit from a runtime of up to 3 days.

To accurately determine Blood Oxygen Level, the HONOR Band 6 combines enhanced optical hardware and software algorithms. Your blood oxygen level is a crucial sign of your general health. Low blood oxygen levels can lead to fatigue, a lack of energy, and memory loss. Your brain, heart, and other organs will be harmed over time by low blood oxygen levels.

With its several fitness modes, the HONOR Band 6 can monitor all of your physical activities, including jogging, walking, cycling, and other sports. The HONOR Band 6’s indoor swimming mode accurately records your swimming performance metrics for your reference.

The HONOR Band 6 automatically recognises six types of exercise, including elliptical, rowing, and walking. Additionally, the HONOR Band 6 can accurately capture your heart rate in real-time and provide feedback based on pre-set training objectives. Together, HONOR Band 6 will facilitate your exercise by delivering more thorough statistics.

For accurate sleep tracking, the HONOR band 6 uses the TruSleep algorithm, which specialises in scientific sleep phases and breathing analysis. Personalized advice enables you to have better-quality sleep.



10. Fire-Boltt Ring 3


The last and final smartwatch in our list of best smartwatches under 7000 is from Fire-Boltt. The Fire-Boltt Ring 3 has 118 different sports modes, including cycling and swimming. The Ring-3 will track every step, lap, and statistic to help you attain your fitness objectives. You can easily complete tasks on the wristwatch by speaking to its built-in voice assistant. Maintain your physical and mental wellness.

The Fire-Boltt Ring 3 smartwatch has a gaming option. You may now play your favourite games for hours on end while keeping your brain in excellent condition thanks to the 2048 games.

The new Ring-3 smartwatch, which enables Bluetooth calling, keeps you linked to the outside world. While driving, take calls, save favourite contacts, and dial from call histories. Epic screens are no longer exclusive to high-end smartphones.

The Fire-Boltt Ring 3 smartwatch stands out with an industry-leading display size of 4.57cm (1.8″). The Ring-3 is a real masterpiece of its class thanks to its 240 x 286 Pixels resolution display, rich colour palette, and HD images.




There are many uses of a smart watch and it doesn’t always serve as a fashion statement. You can use them for several purposes, from making reading notifications to using navigation tools.

To help you make that decision on whether or not you should invest in a smartwatch, we’ve created the above list of the 10 best smartwatches under 7000. We are waiting to hear your decision in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the field of audio and wearables, Fireboltt is a well-known Indian company. Fire-Boltt, which was founded in 2015, has been recognised as the indisputable market leader for smartwatches both domestically and globally.

BoAt, an Indian consumer electronics company founded in 2015, sells earbuds, stereo headphones, portable chargers, and premium tough cables. Co-founders Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta formed Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited in November 2013, which operates as BoAt.

Noise is an Indian firm that manufactures and sells wearable technology and other similar goods. By June 2020, the electronic sector will control the market for smartwatch production.

Thus, non-ionizing radiation poses little risk to human health due to its low intensity. Only when your wrist-mounted fitness tracker is close to your head as you sleep could low-frequency waves from it be dangerous.

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