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Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch – Price, Features and More


Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch – the perfect blend of style, technology, and functionality. With its sleek design and powerful features, this smartwatch is a must-have for all fitness enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals. Scroll down to know the reasons to buy Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch.

About the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch



Get ready to view everything in style with the industry’s largest 1.96″ display covering every edge possible. The crystal-clear resolution of 240*282 pixels ensures that you never miss any detail on your watch.

Bluetooth Calling


Stay connected wherever you go with the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch. Enjoy seamless connection and Bluetooth calling through the watch, making it easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Voice Assistant


Say goodbye to manual searches with the AI voice assistant feature on your watch. Now, wake up Google/Siri Voice Assistant on your phone through the watch, and get the information you need instantly.

Sports Modes


With 123 sports modes, the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch tracks every activity in more detail and records the statistics every day. You can compare your history of 7 days to know your best results and work towards your fitness goals.

Unique UI Modes


Personalize your watch according to your mood and preference with over 8 different and stylish forms to choose from. With the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch, switching UI viewing methods has never been easier.

In-Built Speaker & Microphone

This smartwatch is equipped with the latest technology and chipset, making the speaker and microphone very strong and clear for excellent quality calls. You can also listen to music on the watch, thanks to its in-built speaker.



Stay up to date with important updates, birthdays, or colleague messages, thanks to the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch’s multiple notification feature. Enable all social notifications on the watch to stay connected.

Play Games


Enjoy small games in your leisure time. Change watch faces through the app with over 100 cloud-based watch faces, making your watch as unique as you are.

Fire-Boltt Health Suite

Monitor your health metrics easily with the Fire-Boltt Health Suite feature. With one touch, you can track your SpO2 and heart rate, making it easier for you to stay on top of your health.

Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch Specifications

Feature Specification
Display 1.96″ full-touch color display with 240 x 282 pixels resolution
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connection and Bluetooth calling
Voice Assistant AI voice assistant for Google/Siri voice commands on phone
Sports Modes 123 sports modes to track activity and record statistics
User Interface 8 unique UI modes to switch and customize as per preference
Speaker & Microphone In-built speaker and microphone with clear and strong sound quality
Notifications Multiple notifications for social media, messages, and updates
Games Small games to play on the watch during leisure time
Watch Faces Over 100 cloud-based watch faces available to change through the app
Health Suite SpO2 and heart rate monitoring feature to track health metrics
Battery Life 7-10 days on a single charge with normal usage and standby mode
Compatibility Compatible with iOS 8.0+ and Android 5.1+ devices
Water Resistance 5ATM water resistance to withstand water up to 50 meters
Dimensions 43 x 36 x 11 mm
Weight 50 grams

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make calls using the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch?

Yes, you can make seamless Bluetooth calls through the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch.

How many sports modes can I track using the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch?

You can track up to 123 sports modes using this smartwatch, record their statistics, and compare your history of 7 days to know your best results.

Can I switch the UI mode of the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch?

Yes, you can switch your UI viewing method based on your mood and preference with over 8 different and stylish forms in the watch.

Can I play games on the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch?

Yes, you can enjoy small games on the Fire-Boltt Gladiator Smartwatch during your leisure time.

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